about the filmmaker


Writer, Director, and Producer. Mike Ahuja has been considered by many Hollywood heavyweights to be not just an innovative filmmaker in the vanguard of American filmmaking but a true DIY figure and bad boy of the film world. Michael "Kumar" Ahuja has spent many years studying the surrealist movement and it's impact on present day media, with this knowledge he manifests an inventive style yet to be attempted by the American filmmakers of our time.

After analyzing Andre Breton's "Surrealist Manifesto" as well as other key literary works of the movement, Kumar took time to learn and understand the psychological aspects of surrealism, as created by Sigmund Freud. The seeds were planted and Kumar decided to approach surrealism from the visual coin by breaking down artists such as Salvador Dali, Man Ray, and Rene Magritte.

Kumar's first feature film, "Love Sick Diaries" follows an internationally renowned documentary on the world of electronic music (One Last Adventure), as well as various political shorts produced while completing a Film degree at the University of California.