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A Lovers Goodbye Letter – Dear J

It’s been a year and a half since we last spoke. Many things has happened since then… I moved to a different state, started a new career, and found myself on an emotional roller coaster that I am desperately trying to get off. Continue reading

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raw thoughts of “honesty”

Over and over, I hear ppl tell me “don’t tell my gf or don’t tell my bf” and from that I wonder about how and why couples, so many couples cover a layer of their relationships with dishonesty rather than just stripping that to reveal truth and honesty. Continue reading

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The Echo of Missing You

Recently I’ve made a conscious attempt to separate myself from undisclosed desires, igniting the emotion of missing someone, letting it pass and trying not to acknowledge the feeling of missing this someone. It felt painful at first, from a selfish point of view, but as I let time penetrate my mind and heart, genuine emotions and feelings of missing this someone came true, not just from me, but from the other person as well, and not plastic bull shit, if you know what I mean. Continue reading

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The sunshine peaks through the cracks of the open windows, glaring down upon our dimly lit faces only to expose the precious moments, of our awakening from our SWEET SLEEP DREAMS, and the feelings we develop from living and leaving … Continue reading

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what should one do?

Lets say that this single girl is really connected to this guy (he has a girl friend); connected not in the physical sense but in a deeper energy like he was her muse…they just love talking on the phone with … Continue reading

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