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Do You Feel Misunderstood By Your Partner?

This misunderstanding can drive to significant suspicions about the way your connection may turn out to be with one another. You may dread and fear that your partner will not comprehend you, will not be aware to your needs and wants, you may not sense compatibility with him or her, causing fear there will not be emotional satisfaction due to a lack of understanding. Continue reading

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raw thoughts of “honesty”

Over and over, I hear ppl tell me “don’t tell my gf or don’t tell my bf” and from that I wonder about how and why couples, so many couples cover a layer of their relationships with dishonesty rather than just stripping that to reveal truth and honesty. Continue reading

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“Escape Us Sleeping Beauty” (Part 4 of Free Writing Exercise)

The orange sun started to play tricks during these synthetic waves, like I was walking the Las Vegas strip wasted on the hopes of winning the big one. The boat came back to shore; sleeping beauty had little chimes beeping, all around her smile that kept twinkling like the stars that we all see, we see from all over the world, real or plastic, the stars shine always the same.
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love sick diaries April 13, 2008

Your boyfriend was angry for having to leave work because you were sick does he love you?

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