Life Is Short

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A poem by Mike Ahuja

Life is short
I know you want me to
For you
But I’m doing this for me

First…We make it better
We make it feel like home together
So. Why not?
We should have done this before
We pretty much have, all along

Life is short
So. Why not spend more of it together
We both want to
They say you never know what u got until it’s gone
It’s funny…I know what I got
And I don’t want it to be gone…Ever

Being under one roof
Just seems right
It feels nice, it feels so right
Life is to short
Not to be happy…in the day to day

Just want to hold onto what makes me feel so high
Cause life is about right now
Not about fucking variables of the future
It’s about right fucking now

What do you want because life is short – –
I know what I want
To feel like home
To be like home
Cause we are like home

Nothing is going to change the way that feels
The world keeps spinning faster and faster
So. Why not? Life is short
Together it feels like home.

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One Response to Life Is Short

  1. life is short and we need to remember that

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