Building A Life With Someone

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Building A Life With Someone

The energy between two souls, or chemistry you could say, is determined and defined strictly on the exact moment that the two people meet in person. That moment, our personal chemistry’s know if the connection will be strong or weak. The degree of strength or weakness may or may not be defined in that moment but it really doesn’t take many more moments to truthfully know if your souls will be building a life together in one way or another.

Rising in and out, of each our own personal opinions if our souls are destined to build a life together, tend to get in the way and play tug of war with our souls, energy and eternal chemistry. It is very interesting how this chemistry within our bodies works, it is not something that can be bottled up and sold, it is not something that we fully can control, it is something that becomes an addiction of persons. Yes you may try and fight it, and push away but we can only hold back as long as we can until we need to be around that other body, absorbing that energy through voice, sound, touch, feel, and beyond.

I am not saying we have just one soul mate in this world because the reality is that we don’t. We have what our souls, energy and chemical makeup tell us as building a life with someone, and that building a life with someone is defined in numerous ways. The simplistic way of defining it is that once you meet this person it is as though your life has a bright flash and from that moment forward you are walking together metaphorically through life hand in hand, how tightly you hold hands is determined on the strength of your souls.

So when people tell me about their dating scenarios, boyfriends, girlfriends, or whatever labels people use these fucking days, it intrigues me. I know it shouldn’t but it does, because it seems like everyone dating only focuses on the scenarios of going out and doing “fun” things together like going out to nice dinners, traveling, concerts, or whatever bullshit people do on dates to justify sexual intercourse rather than focusing on the day to day routine of building life. How long does one need to date before understanding that you want this person in your life forever?

The truth is you don’t need to date. Listen to your soul, energy and chemistry and you will have your answer. If you listen to your mind and the thoughts to arise from it, you will always be playing a tug of war and you will never have an answer. Nothing in this world is perfect and nothing ever will be, but one thing that is perfect is the moment our souls meet. It either will feel perfect or it will not and that is what you need to listen to because it defines building a life together. It either feels perfect or it doesn’t when souls collide, so you can date all you want but the answer is given to you at the very start. Trust your gut not your mind about the time.

Mike Ahuja

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2 Responses to Building A Life With Someone

  1. that energy between two ppl…when it’s there…its so strong…sometimes too strong where ppl push ppl away cause its to hard to believe is true

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