Her Milano Smiles Of Pleasure

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natalie ha

Her Milano Smiles Of Pleasure

Sometimes in life, well maybe not sometimes but all the time, you should love unconditionally. So many people tend to focus on loving not for pleasing another soul but for pleasing their own souls, and these conditions hold you captive in an unconnected way from truly letting go and surrendering yourself to love that is truthful.

Yes, waking up seeing that smile of sunshine, and those eyes of diamonds, as my slowly opening eye lids rise to birth a new day…which happens to be the best way to start a day that I know, and cherish deeply when those moments occur because they could end up stopping, something that I never want. Heaven always seems better than hell.

Once before there was a time, I felt that you vanished for many months, a year or more…but it felt like a century…a goddamn lifetime. I had forgotten those diamonds that sparkle in the morning sunshine that I love waking up too.  But now it seems they have risen, and blossomed back like a beautiful orchid erecting out of the soil to share it’s nurturing beauty and sexiness.

I never want to take for granted, or runaway from the connection that exist in our world, and that ability to cross pollinate our energy amongst each other that keeps the orchids flourishing. Nothing seems to matter, except seeing that smile, a smile that forever bounces back to nurturing my soul, heart and mind in so many ways.

As though, having a dream of running a warm bath of bubbles for you to soak in after a long hard day…constructing something that’s building more than a closet, producing the little moments in life that conceive the biggest memories in life, which fuel truth in love in an unconditional way. Whatever makes you happy, cause it’s nothing for me to runaway from..24/7…365…we can manage to keep mirroring these smiles because these smiles unquestionably give us drive and liveliness that is undeniable.

Learning from my past, dealing and forgetting to give up selfishness, I have come to just not take for granted the beautiful nurture and encouragement you provide to me, but for so much more that you provide.  That special something that gets me to forget about everything else, because your’ heart, soul, and you furnish me with that personal emotional intimacy that transcends into an instinctual domesticated feeling that I yearn.

But fuck it even if that didn’t transpire, it’s just a bonus to the natural and organic positivity that just happens between our souls. And I will never take that for granted or become overly greedy about it because I cherish, treasure, and value with so much appreciation the beautiful orchids that have grown and continue to grow through our continuing nurture that we cultivate and develop for one another.

How I love those Milano cookies, Pepperidge Farm For Life.

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2 Responses to Her Milano Smiles Of Pleasure

  1. now i want milano cookies and heart candies :/

  2. 🙂 written with love and passion

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