Cheat On Your GF Without Getting Caught

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Of course I think cheating on your girlfriend is wrong morally and ethically, but even worse if you have sex with your gf without a condom and then have sex with another girl without a condom because you are now possibly exposing your girlfriend to sexually transmitted diseases that can be life threatening. Besides throwing away the trust in your relationship, if you are going to cheat on your girlfriend, try to be discreet and here is how not to get caught. But if you get caught to be upset if she leaves you, be a man a deal with the fact that you cheated and you know the risks.

Get started on the right foot

Develop the pattern in which you do not need to talk on the phone every single day. Early on in the relationship, state that you need your space and this will create the routine that your girlfriend will not call you everyday and maybe just send you texts. It’s easier to cheat if you just need to reply to your GF with sms text messages.

Don’t give her access to your phone or computer

The biggest and most common way that a guy gets caught cheating on his girlfriend is due to incriminating text messages on his phone. Girls phone numbers in your phone can be old numbers but a text message has the date and time listed. Do not sure email accounts of facebook accounts unless you plan on cleaning your tracks but one slip up can bring it all down. If you tend to share computers, remembers guys…log off of your email…don’t leave it open even if you just have to run to the bathroom.

Don’t create a lasting impression with her friends

Yes, if you want to be a great boyfriend, you must win a girl through her friends. But if you plan on cheating, well when you meet her friends…meet them in a “disguise” like wear clothes you never wear, wear your hair differently, wear facial hair if normally you are clean shaven and so forth. This way it will be harder for these friends to recognize you if they happen to catch with another girl. Remember that a girlfriend’s friends are her spies. So if you plan on cheating, be prepared ahead of time and distance yourself from your girlfriend’s friends.

Do not mix dating venues

Taking your GF to the same places as the girl you are fucking on the side is just moronic. Use two completely different venues because employees at the venues can tip your girlfriend off about you being their the other day with another girl.

Don’t frequent her regular spots

*please do not hang out at places she tends to hang out at because she may know other patrons at those spots and they may rat you out.

Pick a friend who will be your go-to excuse for why you can’t hang out with her

The friend you pick does not even need to be a real person, but it is usually better for the person to be real and have your girlfriend meet this guy. Make him be the excuse if you can not hang out with your girlfriend. And make sure she knows that he doesn’t like feeling like the third wheel. She will understand. Or use the male bonding bullshit line. Or say your friend wants to talk about girl problems and he is private about that stuff. You need a valid reason to go fuck another girl and hanging out out with this guy friend is a valid reason, although you are not actually hanging out with this guy are having sex with some other girl.

Be mindful of when you blow your load

Regulate your sperm count. If your girlfriend normally sees that you have lots of cum, and all the sudden you are barely having any cum come out of your penis..she will start wondering if you are delivering your load elsewhere. So at the start of relationship…practice giving her varying amounts of cum so that she thinks naturally you are all over the place and you have some sort of health or nutritional issues. Or make it seem like you do not need sex every day this way it allows you to recharge properly. Or have her catch you masturbating frequently so she thinks you have a porn problem.

Try to bang your mistresses at their places

Be smart don’t fuck another girl at your place because the little details will get you caught. If the girl leaves a sock or a different brand tampon in the trash, or the perfume scent is different. These are the little clues that will spark the concept in your girlfriend’s mind that maybe you are fucking another girl.

Construct and rehearse your alibi

Plan ahead..think of the questions your GF may ask you and construct responses ahead of time. You need these responses to be quick and easy to remember because nothing screams liar like a person not being able to answer a question quickly and precisely. The sureness in your vocal tones is key. Believe in your answers and own your answers, practice these daily in front of a mirror. Game time could be any time.

Don’t let guilt change your routine

Yes you fucked some skank you met at a party, do not feel guilty. Guilt will alter your routine and when your GF catches you not doing your daily routine she will be thinking something is up. When she thinks something is up with you she will start investigating you. So be a man and be guilt free when cheating on your girlfriend.


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2 Responses to Cheat On Your GF Without Getting Caught

  1. i am shocked that you are teaching ppl how to cheat…really? wtf is up with you during this one…be patient

  2. i cant believe you would write such an article

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