Signs Its Time To Move On From A Relationship

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Sometimes you get so busy that you don’t see the signs that it is time to move on from a relationship, so here…i will help you by listing the damn signs….enjoy 🙂

  1. When you live in past memories more than the present
  2. When the relationship brings you more pain than joy
  3. When him or her expect you to change
  4. When you keep justifying his or her actions to yourself
  5. When her or him is causing you verbal, emotional or physical pain
  6. When the same problems keep occurring even after you have talked about them over and over
  7. When guy or girl put little or no effort into the relationship
  8. When your values and fundamentals of life and beliefs are different (political, religious, social beliefs)
  9. When the relationship holds you or them back from growing as a person, or prevents personal growth
  10. Staying only based on expectations for things to get better
  11. When you or them dont feel the same way about one another.
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One Response to Signs Its Time To Move On From A Relationship

  1. this list is spot on perfect…make sure you check the list again …its truthful

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