Things Guys Shouldnt Do To Girls

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Things Guys Shouldnt Do To Girls, because every guy needs to understand these certain rules that are not taught in school but just from understanding the female mind. ┬áIt’s very important that you follow these rules, as it will make life so much easier and relaxing.

  1. Make fun of hair, body, clothes or face
  2. Over Do Sarcasm
  3. Flirt with other girls in front of them
  4. Cheat
  5. Make promises you can not keep…broken promises are bad news
  6. Saying i love you when you don’t mean it
  7. Being a liar
  8. denying the truth…girls know
  9. pressure her…never over pressure a girl…they hate that
  10. talk about other girls, girls hate when guys talk about other girls in front of them
  11. Don’t talk about your fucking ex girlfriend either
  12. Never talk smack behind a girls back…she will find out about me
  13. Be a fucking douche bag to her in front of her friends, even if her friends laugh, its not cool to do that at her expense
  14. Never try to make something seem like its her fault, be a fucking man and take it
  15. Never ask a girl why she is mad at you…(apologize and figure out whey on your own)
  16. Please do not say to her that she is overreacting …
  17. making excuses to girls is never good…own that shit
  18. Talk to her when you are mad – you will end up saying something you do not want to say

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