Emotions, Love and Your Relationship

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Emotions, Love and Your Relationship
By Mike Ahuja

It seems like everyone these days has a girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, or fiance but it can’t really be that all of these people are truly in love; there is just no freaking way.  Are all of these people willing to make sacrifices for their loved ones, do they all sit up and wonder about their so called loved ones; i don’t know but i am guessing no.  Maybe people these days are just getting in relationships for the concept and idea of being involved in a relationship, sort of like a feeling of comfort in the moments time being.

Is that really a good use of time, shouldn’t a relationship be about more than that, about tackling all of the emotions in life and tackling them together rather than just some sort of comfort level or fear of being lonely.  I always thought love was about taking a bullet for someone making great sacrifices and not just someone to pass time with; if that’s the case you could just get a fucking dog or cat or a pet rock.

The feeling of “needing” one’s love is the feeling that should be experienced when in a relationship, feeling as though when dark turns to the light with the sound of his or her’s voice, coming alive with his or her’s smile, and feeling so high with his or her’s touch.  A real relationship of true love is about that overwhelming obsession that controls your mind and body, when you lack self control and that passion and chemistry between two souls takes the control.  I just don’t see that most people in relationships are experiencing that and i think to myself “What are you doing?” .

A real relationship isn’t about feeling happy 100% of the time but something more, much more.  It’s about feeling the entire spectrum of emotions and feelings together, well not at once because that might mean you are not mentally healthy and should probably seek out professional therapy.  If you just feel one way with the person you are with then it’s as though the person you are supposedly in love with doesn’t push your buttons in other ways, love isn’t just about pushing one button 100% of the time, but it’s about having the ability to feel all of the buttons.  If this so called person you are in love with has never or has no ability to push the other emotional buttons, it sort of means you really don’t love them because if you do love them you would feel those other emotions.

Your Lover Must Make You Feel:

Fear, Anger, Sadness, Joy, Trust, Disgust, Anticipation, Surprise, Friendship, Shame, Pity, Kindness, Envy, Indignation, Confusion, Discovery, Wonder, Cruelty, Amusement, Patience, Unhappiness, Pride, Modesty, Pleasure, Pain, Relaxation, Detachment, Composure, Security, Nervousness, Hope, Despair, Privacy, and Togetherness

When all these are able to be pushed by one person, well you have love.

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  1. thank you for sharing such personal thoughts

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