Reasons Girls Cheat

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1. The relationship isn’t THAT serious
2. Being the bad girl
3. They are bored in the relationship
4. Self-esteem
5. They aren’t getting what they want out of the relationship
6. Exit strategy
7. Not enough sex
8. When he has too much baggage
9. Revenge/payback for past wrongs
10. They won’t leave something for nothing
11. Lack of intimacy
12. Ok, sometimes it is about the SEX
13. Feeling neglected/ignored/underappreciated
14. When things start to go sour
15. Your emotional withdrawal
16. If the relationship gets abusive
17. Bedroom boredom
18. When she doesn’t come first in your life
19. Revenge for your cheating
20. Maybe the other guy is just so damn charming ☺

26. Unexpected slip up from drinking too much (as mentioned by a rockstar drummer)

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2 Responses to Reasons Girls Cheat

  1. wall decals says:

    nice post love it

  2. if they really love the guy they wouldnt cheat

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