Do You Feel Misunderstood By Your Partner?

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Sometimes we feel misunderstood by our gf’s, bf’s, husbands, or wives and this can put us in a state mentally that we truly do not desire. You may feel a sense of disappointment, or upset, or even dissatisfied because you are not able to communicate true feelings accurately to the one you love. Your partner is also powerless in understanding you, your mentality, your thoughts and more.

This misunderstanding can drive to significant suspicions about the way your connection may turn out to be with one another. You may dread and fear that your partner will not comprehend you, will not be aware to your needs and wants, you may not sense compatibility with him or her, causing fear there will not be emotional satisfaction due to a lack of understanding.

Reflect on the time that has gone by, and sailed away since you have started this relationship journey. If you journey into the past, realizing that you have not had deep talks, about deep feelings, and haven’t really spent enough time with one another, not just busy time, but real concrete time. The time that helps one another explore each other’s personalities, traits, and digging deep into one another’s soul, it may be natural. Without this sort of time it may be natural that there is a lack of understanding between the both of you.

Before you do anything drastic, maybe let the clock strike seven a few more times, with more meetings taking place, before you make the decision that he or she is truly incapable of understanding you. If you feel, he or she cannot come to understand you for whom you are, than maybe your journey together is not the best journey for your soul.

In addition, contemplate and reflect on your own nature. It can be very likely that your partner is having a hard time in understanding you, as you may be shy, or close yourself off, building walls, or not speaking truthfully about your own self. If you are building walls and doing this type of stuff, you will not reveal your true traits about you, maybe coming across as a moody time bomb that can blow any moment. These things will make it hard for he or she to get and understand you, and he or she will need more support from you to make things easier.

If your partner does not have the maturity, intellect or sensitivity to be in an emotional, and deeply intimate and personal relationship this lack of understanding can be a run on sentence crashing into a real problem that lacks a solution. Sometimes our partners just have not developed the skills of maturity that measure and gauge insight on people and situations, and cannot feel emotions necessary for a deep relationship.

I am not sure what is worse, but some times partners may not be proactive, not wanting or taking a tackling effort to know you more. He or she may just be consumed and worried about his or her own world, not even making the slightest bit of movement to display interest in getting to know and understand the person that you are. Your partner is selfish. You must talk to him or her about your feelings, if he or she displays signs of aggression or destructive behavior, and not accepting his or her lack of interest in learning about you, and does not want to change this either, well you have a decision to make. You must reconsider things, as this is not a relationship. You do not end things soon; you will enter a world of distress.

Mike Ahuja

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