Why Do Girls Push Guys Away?

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Why Do Girls Push Guys Away?

Here’s a thought for every man that tries to understand, as he walks down the road of love and friendship with beautiful angels that grace the tender emotions of his heart. Some might say, men are bound by all the weight of a women’s words, chained to all the actions of her doings. She’s electric like that, she gives a man soul and maybe sometimes she takes his pride, but she’s got many reasons on why she pushes away.

There are 2 types of scenarios in which a girl pushes a guy away; first off I am facing you with the circumstance of when a girl is dating a guy.

In certain situations from what I have come to realize is that a girl may push away a nice guy, because the girl may not be happy with herself, having gone through so many bad relationships they become to feel a certain way. That way is a sense of skepticism, questioning the man’s motives of why they are being so nice, usually in this sort of situation the girl tends to be waiting for the bottom to drop out, more like hoping the bottom drops out. She waits by the nightmare of the guy treating her like crap, if her patience doesn’t last, she lights and she pushes away.

Of course there will be the girl’s that claim it’s because they are not ready to settle down yet, but that’s not really the pushing away I am talking about, that’s more two people aren’t really in the same mode of the relationship.

Sometimes though, girls push men away because of men rolling down the mountain like a landslide of overwhelming ness to the point of suffocation. Guy’s must learn to realize that sometimes too much is too much, sometimes and some girls like to get a little of that chase action, for these girls they get a little bored if the man always comes to them. These girls need some space, don’t worry she will come to you. If you smoother these types of women, always telling them how pretty they are, or always trying to hug and kiss them, she will sabotage the relationship. She will end up pushing you away, leaving you stranded in the desert with nothing except blinded heartache full of confusion.

Will a girl push a guy away just to see how serious he is? Will she push him away just to see if he will come back? Do some women view a guy that constantly comes back the guy that really loves them?

Hey Now!!! Of course girls can be very smart and strategic with their manipulation. In these circumstances you have to realize the girl is pushing you away, only in desire of wanting to be and feel closer to you, a sort of instinctual pushing away, aka “testing”.

The second scenario is if the girl and guy are not dating, yet.

How many special people change, sometimes guys tend to be able to pick up on the signals of the hello energy that a girl puts out. An energy, that’s a vibe and connection, that sparks a sort of magical aura, that type of magic that moves friends into something more. I’m talking about those beautiful girls that hide their true feelings from a man, because they fear sharing their desire for a much closer relationship and for true love. These women understand their true feelings, and they want to say the things that they are actually feeling in their hearts, but they feel an immense amount blinding from the fear that imprisons their heart and desires.

Like all guys, we’ve had women communicate their feelings in all sorts of fashions from joy to anger to frustration to disappointment to feeling safe to passion, and in the larger context when two people have all these emotions together it creates a road that can lead to that magical aura. Feelings develop physically, emotionally, and socially but as things get closer these girls push guys away because of the fear, the closeness scares them. Fear can cause these girls to push guys away, keeping a great connection powerless.

If this is the case, guy’s should try not to develop any negative emotions that would commonly arise in the back their minds, all women are complicated in their own ways and have their own reasons for doing the things they do, but women make the world go round and that’s why we love them.

Mike Ahuja

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6 Responses to Why Do Girls Push Guys Away?

  1. Just as good as your last post. Do you accept advertisers?

  2. batume augustine says:

    why is that some girls smiles when i look at them and atime they hide away from me

  3. batume augustine says:

    gud message and really caught ma attention toward it

  4. Administrator says:

    well not every girl is the same

  5. Joy says:

    Is i left a guy cause i ran things got close and good i ran now i regret i want him back

  6. if you want him back, be upfront and honest with him…you ran cause it felt to real…and that scared you…tell him…the best way to say “i love you”…is to prove with heart, honesty and truth…

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