raw thoughts of “honesty”

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Looking from the outside in, on other relationships, knowing both sides of the coin, you are able to witness what’s real and what’s not, what are lies and what are truths.

Over and over, I hear people tell me “don’t tell my girlfriend or don’t tell my boyfriend” and from that I wonder about how and why couples, so many couples, cover a layer over their relationships with dishonesty rather than just stripping it down to that of the foundation, to reveal truth and honesty.

It seems so much easier to be real and honest, takes too much effort to make shit up, maybe I’m missing something.

Honesty in relationships doesn’t mean volunteering every little thing, but to me it means, giving real answers when asked about something or something related, expressing how you feel when you feel it, and not to hold shit in, let it out when appropriate, before it explodes later in life.

If you aren’t being real, your entire relationship isn’t real, remember plastic melts when there’s fire, and fires happen when there are explosions.

Mike Ahuja

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    Wow you are fantastic

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