The Echo of Missing You

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The times of our lives seem to be changing with the climate of our world, not our society but our world, we used to be little boys and girls, yes I mean myself, crying and whining in tears upset when missing someone, someone like my muse, not letting go even when I displayed blood shot eyes, screaming why do you have to go! Let me get the feeling right!

Missing someone is an emotion that is one of the toughest emotions to deal with.

A goodbye is only painful if you know there will be another hello, but a hello that in time has yet to decided upon. If you know there will never be another hello, you can learn to accept it, it’s the unexpected of missing someone that seems to be tough and hard to deal with.

Missing you, could change from hell to heaven, if I knew you were missing me too, but I have really no clue, how you are feeling because the bass tries to be blinders for me keeping me from knowing the absolute truth, but as your skin brushes up against me and little whispers creep out from your smooth skin, I create thoughts that might be truth, or might be illusions of your pristine emotions.

The idea of missing someone is like running around in orange groves, not being able to smell the oranges, eating milk chocolate without being able to taste the creamy coca taste, feeling like there is a hole in your world and you can do nothing about it, absolutely nothing about it.

Recently I’ve made a conscious attempt to separate myself from undisclosed desires, igniting the emotion of missing someone, letting it pass and trying not to acknowledge the feeling of missing this someone. It felt painful at first, from a selfish point of view, but as I let time penetrate my mind and heart, genuine emotions and feelings of missing this someone came true, not just from me, but from the other person as well, and not plastic bull shit, if you know what I mean.

Contained by you I misplace myself, lacking you I discover myself, wanting to be lost again, but I find hell in missing you!!!!! Missing and absence of someone is a horrible feeling, but it helps us understand issues in a clearer mindset, every now and than try and evoke those emotions, it will help make you a stronger person in the end. It is tough to do, I know, but in the end you will become a better and more patient person. The emotion of missing someone echoes in your heart and mind everyday, those echoes are tough to handle, and the echoes will turn to silent reverberations if you allow them to. When the sound clears, you can hear the truth, with patience, if you allow yourself too.

All in the echoes of missing someone

Mike Ahuja

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