Grounds For Divorce

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Grounds For Divorce

Thanks Elbow for your song

Divorce is very everyday in today’s world. I believe that some marriages can be saved if people attempted to work through the issues. But in some cases, it’s in both peoples best interest to end it. There are many different reason for the grounds of divorce.

1. Infidelity is one of the majority reasons for divorce

2. Emotional abuse is very common

3. Physical abuse causes many divorces

4. Sometimes Couples just realize they are not compatible

5. Roadblocks in communication, cause people to get divorces, if you do not have communication, than you really have nothing.

6. Money…it’s sad but money destroys people, mo money, and mo problems.

7. Sex, if you aren’t on the same page with sex, it’s not going to work out

8. If you aren’t living up to your loved one’s expectations, you may get fired.

9. When couples priorities change, things with the marriage may change as well

10. Addictions

Just Mike Ahuja thoughts not necessarily true

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