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Every time when we touch, when the lights go out, we always end up chasing delirious shadows trying to convince ourselves that this dispute is meaningless. We brush it off to the side always screaming tomorrow can wait, but after approaching and touching one another in the same ways, maybe tomorrow can’t wait, maybe it just can’t wait. Couple’s routinely get trapped in a distorted reality blaming passionate disputes on silly and easy to justify reasons such as money and finances for example; when in fact money deep down is really never the root that feeds these arguments, it’s much simpler in truth.

So, why do couples fight?

We tend to slow down the closer we get to sunrise, seeing what tomorrow can bring, but it’s always the same shit, haven’t you noticed? Well if you haven’t maybe you should open up the confines of your gaze and gaze right into the mirror of your partner, but keep the lights on this time and try not to act like a bloodthirsty vampire trying to extract unimportant words that will not lead to resolution.

Waking into the sources and foundations of why couples struggle with fights and arguments that often times can lead to collapse of the combined souls, so many people have gone through a relationship breakup or a divorce and it can be one of the most devastating events in one’s life as you attempt to heal your out of order heart and spirit, but maybe this doesn’t have to occur, as with cancer there are prevention methods, same goes with relationships.

Aged doubts appear

It is to be anticipated that being intimate emotionally and or physically will certainly bring up suspicions from long ago. These may consist of fears of not being good enough, beautiful enough, and rich enough or thoughts of desertion. If these worries are not projected or looked at and healed, they can obstruct and hinder in some way the wellbeing of every relationship. Take the time to detect when these fears rise above sea level, look inside yourself rather than outside in blaming your loved one for what obviously is your dilemma.

Are these fears and doubts true, you must question yourself or are you just manifesting these ideas and fears inside of your mind? If you have created these than there is no truth to them, and you must alter your thought process.

Feeling not understood, appreciated, or loved

We all want to grasp the feeling of being understood, appreciated, and loved; it’s human nature and when this doesn’t happen, we lean near the symptoms of withdrawal or get into argue mode, attacking the other individual for not coming to terms with our needs and wants and desires. If you want to be understood and loved, start understanding and loving the other people in your life. It’s all connected; we are all connected on this energy, sort of like karma.

The relationship is not being made a priority

Time after time, so many couples seem to take one another for granted, truly don’t give their bond and relationship the attention and concentration that it deserves and needs in order to continually flourish in the right direction. The lack of intimacy and bonding can hike up a trail into lonesomeness very rapidly. Why be in a relationship if you don’t make it one of your priorities, so place some everyday time with your partner in your life, everyday.

So I am getting tired as I write this and it’s already 4am, so maybe if I actually get on a normal schedule I could put these ideas into an actual relationship rather than just write them down, I am even behind on my okcupid account, so let me wrap this up.

Making your partner feel as though they are wrong

It is a huge mistake to make your partner feel as though they are wrong, once these words are spoken, people put walls up and get very defensive, and tempers flair, and your partner starts to hate you with frustration. This is supposed to be the person in whom you love, and now this person is becoming your enemy. It’s not wise to take blame or judge your partner, take a deep breathe, take a walk, have a cigarette, a drink, or do whatever it is you do just step off that train of blame, you are in this together remember. Remember that by making your partner feel as though they are wrong will most always drive you further and not closer to one another; simple fucking logic.


If you just broke up from a relationship, do not jump back into a relationship until you understand what went wrong in the previous as well as waiting the specific amount of healing time, wait 1/3 of the time of your previous, so if your relationship lasted 3 years, wait a year before getting into another relationship, as you must let the previous one heal.

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