codependent letter (part 3 of 3) reply to part 2

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i know where you are coming from, especially you are right about “its like the more i avoid ur text…the more u want to text me” you are def right on that, you don’t have to apologize for venting to me, that doesnt bother me at all, that enables me to be a good friend to you rather than drive u up a wall in frustration. It’s only thing ive been able to be a good friend at recently with you. I welcome that.

the hanging out thing i understand, the whole solo thing i only requested it in recent time cause it stopped happening naturally i know now why though, it wasnt what the letter was supposed to be about, i just was trying to find an answer to why “i remember there were times in the past that we didnt talk for a week or for a few days…it was fine” like what the reason is why this changed, and what caused this change.

i take it is my pushiness that has caused it all, everything

i know how to make u happy, is for me to just shut up for a bit and give you space and to trust you to guide things, i understand now that i am putting you in a defensive mode which making you feel bad is causing you to want to avoid me, that avoidance makes me feel suffocated, i’ve just been been unhappy with life recently like nothing is going right, and i have been used to turning to u to make it all better, i am sorry for being pushy, i know theres other ways to approach you in a calmer fashion less erratic

I just liked before to feel useful some how in your life, thats why i’m okay with the venting u do, like you calling me like before rather than me calling you, when i had free incoming minutes, one of the reasons i got that plan lol, you know what i mean…me being pushy and harrassing i see is the cause, i didnt know , just tell me i wont be hurt i get more hurt by cold shoulder and silence, u can say your busy that will help trust me, but even better i’m going to make an obsessive effort to not put u in these situations and feel this way, like i do with other things

just tell me if i am out of line or bothersome, dont feel afraid too, but my actions will change because they have to, hey maybe i can get a hug if they change or significant progress..a boy can always dream…

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  1. be happy and love. kiss

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