Why is it easier to forgive an enemy than it is to forgive a friend?

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Why is it easier to forgive an enemy than it is to forgive a friend?

Pondering thoughts to this question, while being caressed by the dryness of rain drops that sprinkle little parts of potion that comfortably touch my southern soul into a soaking wet sensation of uncomfortable thoughts; but hold on those uncomfortable thoughts dance in our minds are nothing utter than real, even if they fade away at times.

I would be afraid if you didn’t cry you heart out at times, I would be afraid that you weren’t real, or weren’t real with me, with us, and the clock circles around with a constant master plan of the little and big hand chasing after one another effortlessly with attempt at meeting as one together, in bittersweet fashion. I want them to dance so badly together, like they once did before mankind created their prison which only confines us to measuring our forgiveness in constant reminder of how long something goes on for, both good and bad, real or fictional, but with friends not enemies.

I don’t want to be there to see the times in which we end up singing these songs that aren’t meant to be sung, and the crazy words that say nothing more than silence might say, but it’s like seeing the thunder, and hearing the lightening, don’t go away because sometimes what’s wrong is right and what’s right is wrong, you just have to trust in the chance of your heart. We all have our fantasies of purification, and I thank you for being mine, providing me a place to frolic into a garden of non-fictional emotions, taking me to a place you go where nobody else knows.

Looking forward into forgiveness gives the sky sunshine, and provides the honest answers to the questions that you might have been asking or seeking out in determination of what we all believe as being a sincere plan in freezing time and stopping the rain from drowning our heart and emotions. You know that feeling that you get with enemies, where did it all wrong? Well I hope you know, enemies aren’t real, they’re just games we play like the urges of buying material objects of sin that we all crave, just plastic desires like god and the devil.

Forgiving a friend is the hardest thing we can do, it’s much harder to forgive a friend than an enemy because it’s genuine, and it’s real. This moment of forgiveness won’t let go and will stick around with you until the day you die, but the tears will dry because that’s what forgiveness is, a napkin to wipe the tears. What’s real is friendship, and when you let someone go, and if there is a sense of return, well it happens to be one of the most genuine things we can experience. You can’t ask someone to forget but you can ask someone to forgive.

Mike Ahuja

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