“Escape Us Sleeping Beauty” (Part 4 of Free Writing Exercise)

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Continued from previous entry

I only saw sleeping beauty, but she was wide awake, her touch lit a rainbow across the snow capped mountains, only to melt the cold away, it was nice, and it is nice. I’m so hard for her love. Please.

I don’t believe that I saw sleeping beauty, grasp onto the changing dance moves of the samba in a state of reality, but that doesn’t make me mad at you, but she did samba in my fictional reality. Sometimes the struggles fight far from the distant realism, from the waves that crash and break onto the plastic beach. These waves are synthetic waves of love, or are they?

It seems like most of the world is filled with synthetic pleasures, but do we have to ride those waves in our boats, will the undertow grab our mind and suck us in with the current, keep us from seeing the sunlight of sleeping beauty, from her piercing eyes? The sailboat took off, from the mainland, for a journey and destination out into the open. She had this gorgeous green glow surrounding her and moving with the curves of her silky soft skin. I knew these or understood the possibility of these visions being completely synthetic, but I could only hear one thing in my erect mind, although I could see hundreds and hundreds around, but my eardrums had only one focal point, that of sleeping beauty.

The orange sun started to play tricks during these synthetic waves, like I was walking the Las Vegas strip wasted on the hopes of winning the big one. The boat came back to shore; sleeping beauty had little chimes beeping, all around her smile that kept twinkling like the stars that we all see, we see from all over the world, real or plastic, the stars shine always the same.

When the boat docked it was like a kiss good bye, but not a kiss to get away, but rather to sail further into the South American Sea. As we had nothing left to play for, the plastic beach was completely color less, not even the Irish would occupy it, so sleeping beauty decided to make her new resting place in a new place, a place full of color and lots of lights, you could see the lights high in the sky on a jet plane.

To Be Continued….

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