10 ways to show if your in love if

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10 ways to show if your in love if

I know the past few blog things have been a bit on the downer side, let me change the energy cause someone did mention on myspace (Carolina) that I lost my touch. Love is simple to define if you are either a wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend, but if you are one of the many singles or just never run into love, you’ve never experienced it before, you may get the feeling that you are not normal and something is wrong with you

Am I sick? Am I going crazy? Did someone cast a voodoo curse on me? God
Damn I want to be in love! I want to know love!!

Is this how you feel some days?

Do not worry nothing is wrong with you. I promise

An informal promise because maybe its something like you have an odor and it really pushes ppl the other direction. The first premature indicators of being in love can equate to illness or mental instability, sure sounds like a disease but that’s another blog.

The bottom line is are you truly in love, or a crazy? When you meet with love, not the party of five chick but the emotion of love for the first time, you will finally experience thousands of strange and solitude emotions, thoughts and feelings, but there are some textbook warning signs that most lovesick individuals tend to develop. Check out the list below, and if you have three or more of them, you just might be in love

10 ways to show if your in love if

1. you think about them all of the time.

When you love someone, they are going to be in your thoughts all the fcking time. In fact, you will not be able to get them out of your mind. Read the rest before coming to a conclusion, though, because this one could also mean that you’re a Looney tune

2. if everything reminds you of them.

Someone asks you to pass the hot sauce and it reminds you of them. A flock of doves fly over you (don’t worry they wont shit) and it reminds you of them. You get the picture so I do not have to write any more on this.

3. you care more about their safety and happiness than you do about your own.

An inexplicable reason, the whole “taking care of yourself” thing fades away and gets replaced by a desire and urge to make sure that your love is as safe, comfortable and happy as humanly possibly. I swear to god this is true, and coming form me this is hard to grasp.

4. you start caring more about your own appearance.

Suddenly, you find yourself wanting to actually iron clothes, shave consistently, crap like this. Not normal stuff you used to do. Basically this probably more geared towards males, I am sorry for the gender bias right now, please ladies if you are offended please leave me a comment or you could buy me din din and we could discuss in person.

5. you are actually interested in knowing more about them.

Learning everything about this person is your new favorite thing to do. It’s as if you do not want to fail an exam due to fear of getting kicked out of school. You just want to be inside of school all day long. If you could find a cliff notes book detailing every minute of their life, you stay up without sleep or calories to finish reading it.

6. you want to impress them.

You have always tried to be the shy person and submissive, but boom now you feel like you are mccain versus Clinton fighting in the most important election ever.

7. you aren’t as tight with your money or time anymore.

(I am still debating this one in my head but I can not spend all day writing these I do not have the time nor the money)

8. hanging out with your friends just is not as pleasing any more.

9. Commitment is actually starting to sound like something you could stand.

10. you just are not noticing the opposite sex anymore.

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